Some things are just better together

When you unify your communication systems, you end up with a solution that’s more powerful (and delightful) than the sum of its parts.

Easy to integrate

Just like how leftovers from last night’s dinner fit perfectly between two slices of fresh bread, unified communications solutions fit easily into your existing infrastructure. They leverage the assets you already have — CRM, chat, email, meetings — which means your business maximizes current solutions while providing new collaboration options that pair naturally with what employees already use.

of organizations surveyed lost revenue due to inefficiency.1

average cost savings after deploying an integration solution.1

Easy to manage

One toothpick can make the difference between sandwich parts ending up on the floor and everything staying together. The simple management dashboard is the toothpick that brings your communication systems together and makes it easy for your IT team to provision, set automated licensing, handle analytics, and streamline upgrades and migrations.

Simple to scale

From one meat to many, adding on to a sandwich can be the best part. When you want to add more meat to your business solutions, unified communications will let you quickly upgrade and scale without sacrificing security or user experience. Built-in capabilities help you easily grow and adapt to whatever your business needs.

of IT leaders believe their app deployment takes too long.1

of IT leaders want to accelerate their shift to cloud.1

Easy to deploy

Does your sandwich come with fries? Slaw? Pasta salad? The choice is yours. As for your communication solutions, you can deploy on your terms, using a combination of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid solutions however and whenever needed. React to customer demands for anytime, anywhere collaboration solutions, and fill mobile-first demands without compromising on security.